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Collingswood SAT JUN 05

David Hodges

Vendor Plan for SAT JUN 05

For the most part, this week’s spaces are the same as last week’s spaces. However . . .

Misty Meadow Sheep Dairy Farm joins the Market for the first time.
Spring Run Dairy will bring cow’s milk to the Headquarters Lamb table.
Garden State Composting will attend for the first time this week.
—Our Featured Artist this week is Maria Cartwright’s 222 Creations
Hillacres Pride returns after a week off.
Rick Hymer’s Farm is finished for the season.

New Vendor: Misty Meadow Sheep Dairy Farm

Photos from a recent site visit to Misty Meadow Sheep Dairy Farm (our newest vendor). Farmer Bill Simmerman will be bringing sheep’s milk yogurt, cheeses, and frozen confections.

We’re following the Governor’s Executive Order this week for customers and vendors. No masks are required in outdoor public spaces, so, while we still think masks are smart for unvaccinated people in particular, we will not be attempting to verify anyone’s vaccination status or mandating masks or social distancing.

Traffic Pattern for Load-in Reminder

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All Load-in Traffic will Enter from Irvin Avenue

  • Collingswood Police have asked us to enter the Market from Irvin Avenue for Load-in.
  • The COLLINGS AVENUE intersection will be EXIT ONLY for all traffic during Load-in.
  • USE IRVIN AVENUE (at the east end of the Market) from Haddon Avenue or Atlantic Avenue.
  • The entrance from ATLANTIC AVENUE will be closed as soon as the music equipment is set up.
  • Once inside the Market, all vehicles TRAVEL WEST to the police car positioned at Collings Avenue.
  • You will be admitted to the Market spaces from there.
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New Layout for SAT JUN 05, 2021

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