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Voorhees SAT AUG 31, 2013

AUG 31 Voorhees

Hello, Voorhees Marketeers!

General Notes

We have a good roster of vendors this week, beautiful cool/warm weather, and a Holiday Weekend.

Vendor Notes

  • Monroeville Winery is back to take over the wine space.
  • Duffield and Fruitwood are back with wide varieties after successful weeks. Fruitwood has been selling out of many products, and Duffield’s breads are gaining momentum, especially the multigrain breads they sample.
  • Blueberry Fields is back with handmade soaps and scrubs.
  • Waldor Orchids is back to command the center space Woods Edge will not be filling this week.
  • Market favorite Momma’s Home Made applesauce will add variety to our specialty food area, nestling in with kettle corn and chocolate.

SEPTEMBER SPECIAL EVENT. Lindsey thinks a bluegrass band would be a better choice for the fall (country, autumn?) than New Orleans boogie. Have an opinion? Share it. We’d like our vendors to be happy.

Collingswood SAT AUG 31, 2013

Colls AUG 31

Hello, Collingswood Marketeers!

We’re crowded with a full roster of vendors, but there’s nothing unusual to complicate this week’s site plan.

Maria Cartwright makes enameled jewelry of torch-fired copper. I know, I have a hard time visualizing that too, but I can’t wait to see it. Visit her at Space 20.

Market Day Canele will be here with their unique pastries (and most likely a sweet and a savory tart also—if you’ve promised to bring something to a party, this might save you). Otolith Sustainable Seafood is also available to keep your barbecue from being mundane. Consider also adding the saving details of Dee Dee’s Pesto or Jalma’s Beach Plum Preserves.

None. This might be a first.

Voorhees SAT AUG 24, 2013

AUG 24 Voorhees

Hello, Voorhees Marketeers!

General Notes

We have a good roster of vendors this week and spectacular weather planned.

Vendor Notes

  • Bellview Winery is back to take over the wine space.
  • Sweet Pea CSA will be off for several weeks but will return September 14.
  • Duffield and Fruitwood are back with wide varieties after successful weeks. Fruitwood has been selling out of many products, and Duffield’s breads are gaining momentum, especially those breads they sample.
  • Jalma’s Beach Plums will be back with their specialty preserves.
  • After selling out of beef and yak earlier this month, Woods Edge Wools is back this week with their wide array of products, including fine alpaca woolens. Is it too early to be thinking of cooler weather and warm garments . . . Christmas gifts?
  • Blueberry Fields was at the Collingswood Craft fair last Saturday, but Carol returns to Voorhees this week with her handmade soaps and scrubs.

The dessert baker is still at least a week away. Lindsey and I agree the most important additions for September/October will be fall flowers/plants and an egg/cheese vendor. I’m working on both.

SEPTEMBER SPECIAL EVENT. How does a September Mardi Gras theme sound? I’ve got a line on a New Orleans jazz piano player/singer who might also bring along a clarinet player. It’s a fun sound.

Collingswood SAT AUG 24, 2013

Colls AUG 24

Hello, Collingswood Marketeers!

We’re back to our usual spaces following last week’s Craft Fair disruptions at the Irvin Avenue end of the Market. Most vendors will not notice the difference, but the Guest Vendors this week will return to the east end.

Carol and Dave Leader call themselves Turned Treasures. They use wood lathes to turn wood and other materials, including Corian, into beautiful and functional items.

John and Kira’s Chocolates, Green Aisle Grocery, and Waldor Orchids will tempt vendors and shoppers with their specialties in the Guest Vendor area.

Camden County Animal Shelter will be back to share information, take applications for adoptable pets, and accept donations of cash and hard goods. As always, they appreciate pet foods, blankets, sheets, towels, cleaning supplies and items of value that they can raffle.

They’ll also be available to supplement our other volunteers by staffing the Veggie Valet booth.

Voorhees SAT AUG 17

Voorhees AUG 170001

Hello, Voorhees Marketeers!

General Notes

Last week, the highly successful Caribbean Block Party, was certainly a crowd-pleaser (pleasant for vendors too!). This week won’t feature leis and steel drums, but the weather will be exemplary and shoppers should be in a very good mood!

Vendor Notes

  • We have a good full roster this week.
  • Be sure to welcome back Monroeville Winery.
  • Sweet Pea CSA is with us again with herbs and seasonal vegetables.
  • Duffield and Fruitwood are back with wide varieties after very successful weeks.
  • Kemp’s Kettle Corn had their best week of the season last week. We know every week isn’t a home run, but we’re glad they hit it out of that park at the Party.
  • Our rotating roster of guest vendors includes Jalma Farms with their extraordinary Beach Plum products, and the exquisite chocolates of John and Kira’s.
  • If Hank Sauce, Talluto, Catelli Duo, Hazlett Organic, and Blueberry Fields all take their rightful places, we’ll once again be hosting a very diverse display of exemplary products. I hope you’re all as proud as we are of the roster this Market boasts.

Brent Walker of Woods Edge Wools is out in the wilderness this week shopping for more breeding yak to add to the herd at their farm. We’ll see them again soon (and certainly as the weather cools and alpaca yarn items become hard to resist).

I’m vetting a couple of dessert/sweets bakers to bring a little something extra to the table. Expect a new addition to the roster in a week or two.

Collingswood SAT AUG 17

Colls AUG 17 rev

Hello, Collingswood Marketeers!

I apologize for changing the plan after midnight Thursday, but these revisions are mandated by the Borough’s need to use Irvin Avenue on Saturday to relieve traffic congestion caused by the closing of Haddon Avenue.

All participants have been moved from Irvin Avenue into the heart of the Market, to the east or west of Space 20. This includes Dee Dee’s Pesto, Market Day Canele, The Collingswood Food Co-op, and the Pop-up Gala. Veggie Valet will not operate due to space limitations.

For everyone else in town, this big event is a chance to stroll the Avenue shopping for artistic expressions. For us, it means we can’t use Haddon Avenue and traffic can be difficult everywhere in Collingswood. Don’t count on using Haddon Avenue any time after 6am. The festival runs SAT and SUN 10am-6pm, but the street closes earlier for setup. We often get good spillover crowds, which makes it easier to accept the traffic troubles.

As we have always done on days like this, we’ll “snug in” the FOFM tent a bit to make room for vehicles to pass on Irvin Avenue, but it and the music tent will still function as usual.

They’ll once again command their big space at the west end of the Market.

Shaina Booker promises an intriguing mix of artistic face painting and crafted items from her studio in Haddon Township.

Dee Dee’s Garden will be back with their fresh-frozen pesto. And Market Day Canele will be here too, with that indescribable pastry and fresh sweet and savory tarts.

The hopeful founders of the Collingswood Food Co-op will be back, promoting their big idea and signing up volunteers and prospective members. Growers should stop by too, to see if there’s a chance to sell to this industrious group.

There may also be a chance to buy tickets to the “secret location” Pop-Up Gala. if they find enough volunteers to staff a table, you’ll find them somewhere at the Market, at a new but secret location.

NJAID for Animals is our Animal Shelter this week. Please consider donating cash, pet food, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, whatever you can. Better yet . . . adopt something lovable.

Voorhees SAT AUG 10, 2013

Voorhees AUG 10Hello, Voorhees Marketeers!

General Notes

Weather should be cool tomorrow (though humidity might make it feel a bit tropical). Just right for a Caribbean Block Party!

Caribbean Party

The most successful Saturdays this summer have been the special event days. Crowds are bigger and sales are stronger. This week is another Caribbean Party. The steel drum band will provide the entertainment.

Vendor Notes

  • We have a good full roster this week.
  • Be sure to welcome back Duncan Welch from Hazlett Organic.
  • Sweet Pea CSA is with us again and having such a good season she plans to come every week next year.
  • Bellview Winery is with us this week. Remind your customers that we have fine wines every week.
  • NEW PRODUCT: Duffield will be bringing their artisan breads again (and sampling one). Talluto brought baguettes last week, too, so our customers can find fresh wonderful breads without a bakery vendor.
  • Kemp’s Kettle Corn did really well the last time we positioned them next to the kids’ activities. We hope they’ll do a brisk business this week too.
  • There’s room for Blueberry Fields and Momma’s Home Made applesauce too. We hope to see them both.

Collingswood SAT AUG 10, 2013

Colls AUG 10

Hello, Collingswood Marketeers!

Robert (Duker T) Barber is tired of missing markets. He’ll be back with us this week in his usual spot. Give him a hand with his tents.

I’ve located the Nonprofit area at the west end of the Market this week since Treehouse is on its second and final week of vacation. They’ll be back SAT AUG 17.

Harriet Duncan takes the Featured Artist space this week with her original photography.

We are packed with Guests. Chocolate, pesto, preserves, nut butters, and orchids enliven the east end this week.

There are nonprofits for every age group this week, from Kids for Peace to the Health and Aging Lab (with Traveling Soccer in between). Camden County Animal Shelter will be back at the Veggie Valet table.

Speaking of the Animal Shelter, please stop by with pet food or “linens,” if you can spare some. By linens we mean bedspreads, sheets, towels, anything that can be used as pet beds.

Voorhees SAT AUG 03, 2013

Voorhees AUG 03

Hello, Voorhees Marketeers!

General Notes

Any showers Saturday will develop after the Market closes. We’ll be comfortable and dry.

Vendor Notes

  • Blueberry Fields is back for two more weeks.
  • Woods Edge Wools Farm is out of meat again (and short on staff). We’ll get them back when they have more of one or the other.
  • On the other hand, we’re very happy Sweet Pea CSA will be back this week with replenished stocks of edibles. Alex says: “I’ll have basil, peppers, and flowers galore!  Probably some cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and eggplant as well.”
  • Bellview Winery is our Jersey Wine vendor this week. Be sure to remind your customers we have wine every week.
  • NEW BREAD VENDOR! This is a wonderful surprise. Duffield Farm Stand has started baking gorgeous artisan breads. I got to sample three of them last week (actually, my dog Shelby beat me to one of them) and they are real winners—hearty and healthy and nicely priced too. So, not only do we have beautiful bread, but also it comes from one of our cherished regulars.
  • Waldor Orchids is back this week, as is our newer vendor, Jalma Farms (the beach plum grower and preserve maker).
  • There’s room in the plan for Momma’s Home Made. I’m never quite sure if they’re coming, but we can accommodate them if they do.
  • Hank Sauce is back too. So is Kemp’s Kettle Corn. I wonder if they’d consider a hot sauce corn snack.
  • Reach out with best wishes to Duncan Welsh of Hazlett Organic if you know him. He won’t be here this week, but he’d like to know he’s missed.

Collingswood SAT AUG 03, 2013

Colls AUG 03


Hello, Collingswood Marketeers!

In his voicemail to me, Robert (Duker T) Barber didn’t mention which hospital he’s in, but he was admitted for kidney surgery Thursday and will not attend the Market this week.

The annual contest takes place this week at the west end of the Market. Treehouse Café is off for vacation this week and also next week, so there’s room for pies, judges, tents, and spectators where the Treehouse usually sets up. Tents will go up early. Judging begins at 10am.

Lisa Confora brings her jewelry designs (and her passion for recycling nostalgic materials) to the Featured Artist space.

Dee Dee’s Pesto will be here.


A team of riders planning to tackle MS will be soliciting sponsors and riders: they call themselves Team Fanboys. Camden County Animal Shelter will be back at the Veggie Valet table.