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Vendor Plan for SAT JUN 12

David Hodges

For the most part, this week’s spaces are the same as last week’s spaces. However . . .

—Our Featured Artist this week is Lauren Lopez (Philacarta)

Music on two stages starting at 9am

Traffic Pattern for Load-in Reminder

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All Load-in Traffic will Enter from Irvin Avenue

  • Collingswood Police have asked us to enter the Market from Irvin Avenue for Load-in.
  • The COLLINGS AVENUE intersection will be EXIT ONLY for all traffic during Load-in.
  • USE IRVIN AVENUE (at the east end of the Market) from Haddon Avenue or Atlantic Avenue.
  • The entrance from ATLANTIC AVENUE will be closed as soon as the music equipment is set up.
  • Once inside the Market, all vehicles TRAVEL WEST to the police car positioned at Collings Avenue.
  • You will be admitted to the Market spaces from there.
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Proposed “New Normal” Layout

We are finalizing a plan for the rest of the season

  • Vehicles would no longer be parked inside the Market on the north (sunny) side of the Market.
  • Non-farm vendors would be spaced 20 feet apart (instead of the current 30 feet).
  • Farm vehicles would still be parked under PATCO.
  • Seating areas (cafe spaces) would be positioned alongside food producers on the sunny side.
  • Dogs on Market leashes would once again be welcome at the Market.

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