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Collingswood Contracts


Step 1.

For 2022, everybody will use the same application.

Only farmers and growers will need the entire document, but the
Collingswood Contract 2022
application contains everything anybody will need: a welcome letter with updates
the Market Rules, Calendar of Market Dates, Fee Calculator, Crop List forms, and a Sample Insurance Certificate.

Step 2.

Open and print the Word doc or the PDF.

Not formatting correctly? Having trouble with pagination?
David will mail you a printed copy. Just ask.

Step 3.

If you’ve already been invited to proceed to the contract,
complete either the MS Word version or the PDF version and
mail it with payment by FRI APR 01, 2022

Space is quite limited at the Market, and we need to be careful not to overbook vendors of similar products.
Complete an application ONLY IF you’ve been promised a spot.

Step 4.

If you’ve never contacted the Market about a spot,
or if you’ve sent a Preliminary Application
but not received a commitment,
contact MARKET DIRECTOR David Hodges first.

Home office (856) 854-8385     Cell (856) 979-6653

The Contract Applications

Collingswood Contract 2022 MS Word

Collingswood Contract 2022 PDF

Dateless Preliminary 2022

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