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Collingswood SAT MAY 08

David Hodges

Traffic Change

All Load-in Traffic will Enter from Irvin Avenue

  • Collingswood Police have asked us to enter the Market from Irvin Avenue for Load-in.
  • The COLLINGS AVENUE intersection will be EXIT ONLY for all traffic during Load-in.
  • USE IRVIN AVENUE (at the east end of the Market) from Haddon Avenue or Atlantic Avenue.
  • Once inside the Market, all vehicles TRAVEL WEST to the police car positioned at Collings Avenue.
  • You will be admitted to the Market spaces from there.

New Numbered Spaces List

For the most part, this week’s spaces are the same as last week’s spaces.
All farms repeat last week’s locations.

New Layout for SAT MAY 08, 2021

I’m back from my farm visit. Here’s the plan for SAT MAY 08.

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