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Collingswood SAT MAY 01 2021

David Hodges

Opening Day SAT MAY 01, 8am-noon

The Site Plan

This site plan is final as of Midnight Thursday APR 29 with one exception. Fruitwood Farms will not be attending the Market on Opening Day, so Hymer’s Farm will not have to share space 23.

Click on the plan to enlarge it. You will be able to find your space and the vehicle configuration for your spot.

The Location Chart

This chart will be distributed to shoppers at the Market to help them find you. Except as noted, these locations for full-season vendors will likely be the same week after week. Obviously, part-time participants may find themselves in different spots on different weeks.

The Pavement Markings

Your Space Number is the essential information you need to bring to the Market with you. Numbers have been painted in orange spray paint on the asphalt to match the numbering system on the Site Plan above.

I’ll update the photo with a current picture tomorrow. They’re “orange numbers in a circle.”

The Yellow Caps

We’ve enlisted new volunteers to help direct shoppers through the Market. Pedestrian traffic will be permissible in both directions, but all shoppers will “KEEP RIGHT” and stay in their lane to facilitate social distancing.


  1. ARRIVE ON TIME. Many vendors will be in new locations. Several vendors are attending for the first time. The parking and traffic patterns are new. All these factors will add confusion to the Opening Day. So please, arrive by 7am on SAT MAY 01 and take your time setting up.
  2. KNOW YOUR SPACE NUMBER. If you’re received the Midnight Thursday email, but YOU’RE NOT the driver or table crew responsible for your Market day setup, PLEASE be sure your crew knows where and how they’ll be setting up.
  3. PUT MY NUMBER IN YOUR PHONE. Market Director David Hodges (856) 979-6653.
  4. TEXT ME. DON’T CALL ME. I won’t be able to answer the phone, but I can receive your text and respond when I get a moment. If you’re running late, can’t find your spot, don’t know how or where to park your car, or need assistance of any kind, please let me know.
  5. DON’T GUESS. Verify that your setup is correct BEFORE you set out your tables and product.
  6. DRIVE THE RIGHT DIRECTION. All traffic in the Market travels from West to East. Enter the Market from the Collings Avenue side (the west) and drive in the direction of Perkins Art Center on Irvin Avenue (the east).
  7. KEEP INSIDE YOUR SPACE (PATCO SIDE). Vendors under PATCO will park their vehicles parallel to the curb (see the site plan) and keep their tents and tables COMPLETELY INSIDE the painted parking space lines.
  8. KEEP INSIDE YOUR SPACE (SUNNY SIDE). Vendors on the north side of the Market will pull their vehicles directly into their marked parking space (see the site plan). Every vendors will have two additional parking spaces for tents and tables. Tents will be positioned AT THE BACK OF THE SPACE to permit customers to gather in front.
  9. PORTABLE FACILITIES BEHIND THE POLICE STATION. We lost our indoor bathroom privileges again at the end of last season. I don’t have a key to the Community Center and can’t provide access.
  10. PLASTIC BAGS. The Borough of Collingswood remains committed to the elimination of single-use plastic bags, but it does allow an exemption for plastic to separate unpackaged wet food items. Please DO NOT OFFER plastic bags or approach the table with a bag in hand ready to use it. Bag items only if asked. Reusable bags are available at the Friends of the Farmers’ Market tent (space 08).
  11. MASKS. Mask wearing is required. The Governor of New Jersey has declared that vaccinated adults may walk outdoors without masks “unless they’re in a crowd.” We cannot guarantee that our shoppers will not constitute a crowd, AND WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN VERIFYING VACCINATION CREDENTIALS.
  12. DECLINE SERVICE TO UNMASKED SHOPPERS. The Collingswood Police will advise shoppers who do not wear masks that they must leave the Market, but inevitably we will see some abstainers. We will not confront them. But we will also not serve them. Vendors are forbidden to sell to shoppers without masks. You may direct all complaints to the Market Director. You have my number. I will be wearing a red shirt and Market cap.
  13. NO DOGS. Once again this year, we are declaring a dog ban. You do not have to intervene, but you may certainly inform dog walkers of the ban. And you should of course let me or a Yellow Cap know there’s a dog in the Market.
  14. BE NICE TO YOUR NEIGHBORS. It’s more fun. And I didn’t want to write an unlucky list of 13 Procedures.

What Did I Forget?

Don’t wait until Saturday morning to ask your question. Friday would be a much better time to let me know I neglected something essential.

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