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Mount Holly THU AUG 12

David Hodges


Site Plan

Most returning vendors will find themselves in the same location, but we have enough space to be flexible, so if what you see on the site plan does not suit your needs, please speak up.

If you don’t find yourself on the site plan, please let me know immediately. If you do find your location, take note of where it is relative to the only entrance so you’ll know approximately where to go when you arrive.

Load In

ARRIVE BY 2PM to give yourself time to set up.
We need to close the Market to Vehicle Traffic
before the entrance opens at 3pm.

Look for David to guide you to your location. You may park your vehicle directly adjacent to your tent location and leave it in the Market for the evening. Don’t set up until he has confirmed your spot. We have plenty of space in the parking lot for our own vendor vehicles, so EVERYONE can drive in and leave trucks, vans, trailers in your own retail space! No customers will drive into the Market.

Click here for driving directions.

Google Map link to 23 Washington Street.

This is the police station at 23 Washington Street. The Market operates in the Municipal Parking Lot BEHIND the police station. Look for directional signs at the intersection.

23 Washington Street

Directional signs near the Market.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2021-all-signs.jpg

Weather Policy

Forecasts have been dire for today, so this is a good time to review our Weather Policy.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is weather-policy-all-years.jpg

Highlights for THU AUG 12

Highlight images such as this one for appear on facebook (and sometimes on our website) in the week leading up to every Market. Want to be featured? Provide David with images of yourself or your product (your table setup or your crops in the field, or anything in between). Or suffer with whatever choices he makes.

Contracts and Fees

Those of you who have not submitted your Application/Contract paperwork need to comply to remain active at the Market and to take advantage of the Fee Rebate Program.

Download the Application from the Mount Holly Contracts link at the top of this website. Complete the app in Word, in PDF, or on paper, and send it to Sean Kennedy, whose name and address are on the first page of the contract package.


Prepay your dates to qualify for Fee Rebates. Earn a full 100% rebate for table fees for every Market you attend. Prepay for 10 dates (for example), attend those 10 dates, and you’ll be refunded 100% of your fees at the end of the season.


Afraid of commitment? You can pay on Market day. The Market Director will have receipts for day-pay vendors who prefer the flexibility of paying when they attend, but no rebates can be earned without prepaid dates.

Facebook Promotion

Among others, these images appeared on facebook in the week leading up to Opening Day.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is slabhouse.jpg


The Township  produced a sharp-looking website for our shoppers who think facebook is evil.

Lauren Schiavo and her team have joined our Marketing effort. She’s a powerhouse and very easy to work with. I recommend you take advantage of her passion for the Farmers’ Market by providing her with any news you have about your farms, your products, your story.

Among other contributions to our marketing effort, Lauren produces “Featured Vendors” images and text for the website. A recent sample:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is featured-vendors.jpg

Future Updates

Check back in to this space often. You don’t need to follow a link. Just navigate to;

Small Bills 


However, when you run out of singles (and sometimes fives), check with David, who brings a batch to bail you out.

Man holding tiny dollar bills

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