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Collingswood SAT SEP 23

David Hodges

Sunny and Mild

No rain. Temps start in the 60s, end in the 80s.
Load the tables. Let’s sell some Jersey Fresh!

Weather Cows

Official forecast for SAT SEP 23

Weather SEP 23

Site Plan for SAT SEP 23

Sikking Flowers will be back this week following their unexpected absence last week. And we have a couple of “Market Spaces” at the Perkins end for last-minute bookings; otherwise; we’re booked for the most beautiful Market day in months.

Site Plan SAT SEP 23

BID Vendors SAT SEP 23

BID Vendors. At the west end of the Market, members of the Collingswood Business Improvement District (BID) may sell food products not necessarily locally-sourced.

Shoppers may not know that the special arrangement with Sara’s Produce is that they may sell “exotic” produce, but are prohibited from selling anything that grows in New Jersey.


We’re fully booked this week, so BID is full too: Dulce Artisanal Pastry, Villa Barone, Cheese Etc, Charlie’s Crepes, and Sara’s Produce will take their usual spaces. And they’ll be joined by Inspired Brews Kombucha in what is becoming their usual space as well.


Guest Vendors and Special Products

MILK AND COOKIES!  Our Market regular, Origin Almond Milk, has started to bring a selection of hot beverages to complement their already-popular line of flavored almond milks. This week, they’re setting up next to our guest vendor Flour+Oats Artisan Cookies. Sure, we’re sophisticated adults, but let’s never outgrow our love for milk and cookies!

Beer Spread


  • John & Kira’s Chocolates
    —Of course the chocolate-stuffed figs, but also the ladybug medley (with mint, with honey lavender, with raspberry milk). Come see and sample.
  • Weckerly’s Ice Cream
    —Did you know they make their own cones, and the cookies for their incredible ice cream sandwiches?
  • Duker T’s Catering
    —As surely as the leaves will turn, cooler temperatures mean the arrival of luscious soups from Duker T. This week it’s creamy potato-leek!
  • Chloe’s Crème Puffs
    —Have you tried all the flavors (at a dollar a pop, how can you resist)? Chloe doesn’t visit often, but she always brings surprises.
  • Constellation Collective
    —Bagels, frittatas, scones, donuts, and always a delicious invention or two.
  • Cheese, Etc. & Gourmet Gifts
    —Coming to Market with their first batch of Octoberfest Beer Spread. Aged sharp cheddar mixed with whole grain mustart and Oktoberfish Beer from Flying Fish Brewery.
  • Inspired Brews Kombucha
    —Always fresh, with fun flavors on tap! Sip a sample, buy a bottle, or bring a growler for a refill.



Susan Mauer Lynch (Yellow Room Upstairs)
Smoked Pulled Pork Butt

Pulled Pork

Susan Mauer Lynch (Yellow Room Upstairs). Smoked Pulled Pork. Susan and her family are clearly practiced carnivores. This week she selected and her husband slow-smoked a pastured and grass-fed Boneless Boston Butt from Hillacres Pride on their backyard smoking grill with hickory chips. Whether that works for you, or if you prefer variations for your conventional indoor oven or slow cooker, Susan offers recipes and cooking instructions for all three methods. Check out the recipe and other helpful photos at Susan’s blog.


Stef Perna (treatbelly)
Acorn Squash Mac & Cheese.

Stef Perna is on an acorn squash kick this month! She says, “Collingswood Farmers’ Market vendor, Savoie Organic Farm grows the sweetest tasting acorn squash. The natural sweetness inspired me to substitute homemade acorn squash puree for ‘canned pumpkin’ in cheesy pumpkin pasta recipe” featuring toasted hazelnuts. Then, for good measure, she used the same puree to make pumpkin muffins. See photos and recipes for both at Stef’s blog.

Annual Appreciation Luncheon
at Villa Barone

Dining Room


You’ve worked hard all year to bring the best, freshest, most delicious foods to the Market. Now it’s time to let somebody else feed you. Please join your Market friends (and the ones at “the other end of the Market” you’ve never met) at Villa Barone as soon as you break down your tables. We’ll be serving Caesar Salads, Chicken San Angelo, Penne Primavera, and Chicken Parmesan. You can tip your server if you wish, but basically the meal is on the Market. Villa Barone is BYOB, so by all means BYOB!

Get your FREE ticket from David during the Market, SAT SEP 23.
Food bloggers, FOFM volunteers, Guest vendors, and table crews are all welcome, whether you’re booked for SEP 23 or not.

Featured Artist SAT SEP 16

Rose Pacey
Gypsy Art


FEATURED ARTIST. Gypsy Art by Rose Pacey. You may wonder what paintings, windchimes, cheese trays, jewelry, and “beaded things” have in common. Ordinarily, we’d say “Nothing,” but Rose Pacey makes them all with her unique gypsy art flair. Come see her this Saturday, just after (and just before) her two appearances this month at the Whole Foods small business Hatchery. See how a Grey Goose bottle can be made into a cheese tray. Yep. That’s what he said.


For the Animal Lovers
Paw It 4ward Rescue

Sharon and Lucy


Azita Kay, Founder and President of PawIt4ward Foundation, sent us this picture of Sharon (Sha) Weller and her new love “Lucy.” The two met through the Market and the adoption is now official. Stop by the Dog Tent this week to meet the wonderful folks of Paw It 4ward and learn about the other adoptables currently seeking their forever homes. Even if you’re not currently seeking a companion, our rescues and shelters can always use your support.

Music SAT SEP 23

Rossi Trimmed


EAST STAGE MUSIC TENT. You know how sometimes a genuinely nice guy is also blessed with talent and makes everybody feel wonderful? John Rossi is one of those guys. Come out and meet him. He’s bringing his guitar.

Wayside Poster

WEST STAGE BELOW PATCO. Their friends know them as Eric, Chris, and Rob, but at the Market we call them The Wayside Shakeup. You’ll call them talented, lively, and fun.


Seasons Change, Vendors Change
Last Chance this season for A.T. Buzby


SEASONAL CHANGES START NOW. Every year toward the end of September, crops cycle out and crops cycle in. As the corn and tomatoes fade, we’ll see more squash and late season greens, local broccoli and cauliflower, among other wonders of the autumn. This week we bid farewell (until next year) to our legacy vendors A.T. Buzby farm, our always reliable source of sweet corn and cantaloupe, to name just two of their specialties. Stop by the Buzby table this Saturday to wish them well.

Small Bills and a Bathroom Key

Many of you know, but for those of you who don’t, I carry small bills for vendors who run out of singles during the Market day. For guest vendors who might not be aware, I also have a key to Perkins Art Center, a Market sponsor, the primary benefit of which, for our vendors is INDOOR PLUMBING!

Man holding tiny dollar bills


It’s good business to save the best parking spaces for SHOPPERS! Most visitors will tell you it’s tough to find parking at the Market. We make things worse by parking our own vehicles in spaces that could be used and re-used many times by shoppers. Please encourage your table crew to park for free in the Lumberyard Parking Garage (just across Collings Avenue from the west entrance). There are plenty of spaces inside, and the walk back to the Market takes 3 minutes.

Flexible Site Plan

Changes will continue to occur throughout the season as vendors come and go and as we learn more about how neighbors interact. I remind you no spaces are ever guaranteed and require your cooperation if I have to move your location any given week.

Market DirectorTHANK YOU
David Hodges, Market Director
Home Office (856) 854-8385
Market Day Cell Phone (856) 979-6653


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