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Collingswood SAT SEP 16

David Hodges

It’s (Mostly) Sunny in Collingswood.

Optimists will call it mostly sunny. Pessimists call it partly cloudy. Market Shoppers call it cool and dry.

Mostly Sunny Cows

Official forecast for SAT SEP 16

Mostly Sunny. Very little wind. Almost no chance of precipitation. Humid. Cool.

Weather SEP 16

Site Plan for SAT SEP 16

We have a couple of spaces to spare because of the unexpected absence this week of Sikking Flowers. We may get late additions (Extraordinary Ed or Preservation), but for now, the spaces are open and marked as Market Space. Otherwise, all spaces are accounted for. The Dog Tent will be staffed; we have a Featured Artist, and several Guest Vendors will join the roster this week, including a brand new vendor, Indogrow, a very small vertical farm that grows only the tiniest and most flavorful of microgreens.

Site Plan SEP 16

BID Vendors SAT SEP 16

BID Vendors. At the west end of the Market, members of the Collingswood Business Improvement District (BID) may sell food products not necessarily locally-sourced.

Shoppers may not know that the special arrangement with Sara’s Produce is that they may sell “exotic” produce, but are prohibited from selling anything that grows in New Jersey.



We’re fully booked this week, so BID is full too: Dulce Artisanal Pastry, Villa Barone, Cheese Etc, Charley’s Crepes, and Sara’s Produce will take their usual spaces. And they’ll be joined by Inspired Brews Kombucha.

Gina Horlacher of Cheese Etc says, “Be sure to stop for some homemade cheese spreads. Come early so you don’t miss out on 2 of our most popular: Fig ’N Zola (gorgonzola blended with figs, fig jam and a balsamic reduction), and the self-explanatory Blueberry Goat.

CHARLEY’S CREPES. This week, Charley features fresh produce from many vendors. “We’ll have an Eckert corn hash, Davidson sherry shallot mushrooms, Viereck roasted tomatoes and spinach, and Schober peaches and apples. This is the last chance for peach-filled crepes as we transition into pumpkin and cranberry season.” Yum.

Guest Vendors and Special Products

MILK AND COOKIES!  Our Market regular, Origin Almond Milk, has started to bring a selection of hot beverages to complement their already-popular line of flavored almond milks. This week, they’re setting up next to our guest vendor Flour+Oats Artisan Cookies. Sure, we’re sophisticated adults, but let’s never outgrow our love for milk and cookies!



MILK AND COOKIES!  Our Market regular, Origin Almond Milk, has started to bring a selection of hot beverages to complement their already-popular line of flavored almond milks. This week, they’re setting up next to our guest vendor Flour+Oats Artisan Cookies. Sure, we’re sophisticated adults, but let’s never outgrow our love for milk and cookies!

  • MECHA’s Chocolates
    —Feel that crisp September air? Makes us think the pie spices and ginger snaps are coming. Get a jump on the season with MECHA Chocolates this week. Pumpkin pie spice infused milk chocolate ganache and molasses make this one special.
  • Flour+Oats Artisan Cookies
    —Our personal favorites are the shortbread varieties, but whatever type you purchased during Lisa’s first two visits to the Market, you can be sure there are other new delights to try.
  • Origin Almond Milk
    —Cold almond milks and now . . . hot beverages too? Turmeric chai? Earl Gray Tea latte, anyone? Jacob is always innovating, and this week we have him setting up alongside Flour+Oats. Time for a Milk-and-Cookies pairing!
  • Duker T’s Catering
    —Autumn temperatures mean it’s time to get your favorite soups from Duker T’s Catering. This week, Duker kicks off the season with Cream of Broccoli.
  • Our Souls Shine Applesauce
    —Organic apples, kale from the garden, a bucketload of sunshine, blended with great caring for your body and spirit. Eat the apple. Be the apple.
  • Barn and Stone House Soap
    —Not just soap. Not just for cleansing. Stop by this attractive table and get yourself some aromatherapy by the bar!
  • Inspired Brews Kombucha
    —Always fresh, with fun flavors on tap! Sip a sample, buy a bottle, or bring a growler for a refill.

New Vendor: Indogrow Microgreens


MICROGREENS! Patrick Gigliotti and Louis Monte grow microgreens in a very small vertical farm (see below) in Cherry Hill. Their delicate-looking products pack an amazing flavor punch into the smallest of packages (and about a pound’s worth of nutrition for every ounce). The tiniest samples are instantly recognizable as “spicy brown mustard,” or “fresh spring pea,” or “red beets,” to name just three examples. They’re new; they’re creating a buzz with bloggers; they’re featured in local restaurants, and they’re terrifically nice guys. Stop by and meet them at “the Perkins end of the Market.”


Susan Mauer Lynch (Yellow Room Upstairs)
BBQ Bison Meatloaf

Bison Meatloaf

Susan Mauer Lynch (Yellow Room Upstairs). BBQ Bison Meatloaf. Most cooks have a meatloaf recipe to follow or ignore, but most don’t involve bison meat as the primary ingredient. Follow Susan’s instructions for the special handling of this wonderful meat from Buck Wild Bison. Her carrots came from Our Yards Farm, her onions from A.T. Buzby, her celery from Flaim (and Formisano), her mushrooms from Davidsons, her delicata squash from Flaim, and her green beans from Springdale. Check out the recipe and other helpful photos at Susan’s blog.

Stef Perna (treatbelly)
Creamy Potato Leek Soup

Potato Leek Soup

Stef Perna (treatbelly) Creamy Potato-Leek Soup

Stef Perna is a food artist. If ever you’re wandering the Market wondering what to try next, get on over to treatbelly and drool over the photos. If they don’t inspire you to pick up your whisk, hire a chef. This week Stef found treats from Savoie Organic, DanLynn Organic, Schobers & Sons, Fruitwood, Flaim, Viereck, and Springdale and shot gorgeous photos of them all. Then she whipped up an acorn squash puree, and tossed off the irresistable potato-leek soup seen here. Do yourself a favor: see the whole week’s shopping at Stef’s blog.

Featured Artist SAT SEP 16

Jennifer Prasad
Canary Works

Mom Is

FEATURED ARTIST. Pillow Covers. Jennifer Prasad calls her business Canary Works. We’ve never thought to ask her why. We do know that when we commissioned her to do a set of commemorative pillows for our siblings, she was honored and delighted to be asked. See the beautiful designs Jennifer comes up with on her own, of course, but don’t be bashful about suggesting your own best pillow idea. She matched our model design perfectly.

For the Animal Lovers
The Animal Adoption Center


Adopt Sadie

Hi, I’m Sadie. I’m a very sweet, affectionate girl looking for my forever family. I like to run around a bit, so a fenced yard would be nice. I have energy to keep up on hikes or even go jogging with my new Dad or Mom. I’m good with other dogs and children eight years old or older. The wonderful volunteers of The Animal Adoption Center can put you in touch with Sadie and many more like her. Stop by and meet them at the Dog Tent this week.

Music SAT SEP 16

Dave Kelly Lap detail

EAST STAGE MUSIC TENT. The Incomparable Dave Kelly. Dave makes it look easy. It’s not, of course. Ten thousand hours of practice are needed to play a guitar “effortlessly.” Or a dulcimer. Or a lap steel guitar. Stop by starting at 9am and see (hear) what else Dave can make seem simple.

New Valentines

WEST STAGE BELOW PATCO. The New Valentines. They delighted us in June when they made their Market debut, and Matt and Genevieve LaPalomento are certain to delight us again with their beautiful harmonies and popular playlist. ‘Cause, once you’re delightful, you don’t stop being delightful.

For the Good of All
Lourdes Wellness / Oaklyn Food Pantry


LOURDES WELLNESS / OAKLYN FOOD PANTRY. BUY2/GIVE1. Generosity is natural in the aftermath of terrible storms and only reminds us how much hunger our neighbors suffer every day closer to home. When you survey the Market tables groaning with beautiful produce, give a thought to folks in Camden County who wonder every day where their next meal will come from. BUY 2 of whatever looks good, and GIVE 1 to the Lourdes Wellness / Oaklyn Food Pantry drive we’re honored to host. What you give on Saturday will be given to a hungry neighbor on Monday. Thanks.

Small Bills and a Bathroom Key

Many of you know, but for those of you who don’t, I carry small bills for vendors who run out of singles during the Market day. For guest vendors who might not be aware, I also have a key to Perkins Art Center, a Market sponsor, the primary benefit of which, for our vendors is INDOOR PLUMBING!

Man holding tiny dollar bills


It’s good business to save the best parking spaces for SHOPPERS! Most visitors will tell you it’s tough to find parking at the Market. We make things worse by parking our own vehicles in spaces that could be used and re-used many times by shoppers. Please encourage your table crew to park for free in the Lumberyard Parking Garage (just across Collings Avenue from the west entrance). There are plenty of spaces inside, and the walk back to the Market takes 3 minutes.

Flexible Site Plan

Changes will continue to occur throughout the season as vendors come and go and as we learn more about how neighbors interact. I remind you no spaces are ever guaranteed and require your cooperation if I have to move your location any given week.

Market DirectorTHANK YOU
David Hodges, Market Director
Home Office (856) 854-8385
Market Day Cell Phone (856) 979-6653


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