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Heart of the Garden WED AUG 06

David Hodges

Heart of the Garden WED AUG 06

Hello Vendors, Participants, and Marketeers!

WEEK 10!

Market Hours 2pm-6pm

Today, WED AUG 06, marks the 10th week of the season for the “Heart of the Garden” Farmers’ Market, co-sponsored by the Township of Pemberton and the DEBORAH Heart and Lung Center.

Closed Next Week

Please remember, the Market is closed WED AUG 13 when the field is used to host the St Ann’s Carnival.

News for This Week WED AUG 06

It’s also the fourth week of our special series of Family Friendly events. We have three activities planned for our young guests today.
  • Clean Communities will conduct a recycling craft project for kids
  • Pemberton Gardening has planned a Potting for Kids (and adults) event
  • Love for Christina will paint kids’ faces and run a lemonade stand (both for donations)

face paint

As usual this time of year, there’s a chance of scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. With luck, they’ll scatter around us, but not on us. 🙂

Please pay attention to the new site plan below. Instead of spreading out, let’s “circle the wagons” and create a smaller, more intimate, livelier atmosphere centered on the music stage. We’re adding some picnic tents at the “front,” and putting vendors on both sides of the lane, facing each other. I’ll need your attention and cooperation when you arrive to make the new plan work.
Small, single-product vendors are having a hard time doing enough sales to justify the expense of coming to the Market while we build a steady customer base. To make sure we have enough variety to keep people coming back, the Market is selling Davidson’s Exotic Mushrooms, Wild Flour Bakery breads, and Mr. McGregor’s fruit pies from the Market Table.
This post is not for the general public. It’s for the benefit of Market participants. We have a facebook page and are building an email list to communicate with Marketgoers. You’ll get your news here; you’ll receive weekly email with a link to a new post at this blog for announcements and the site plan for the week.
  • The address is 500 Pemberton-Browns Mills Road, in the open field alongside the Pemberton Municipal Building.
  • An aerial photo below shows the site location across the street from the athletic fields with their baseball diamonds, just down the road from the Burlington County Community College campus (and very near the tall blue water tower).
  • A link to Google Maps for driving directions is also provided below.
  • Have my cell phone number with you: David Hodges (856) 979-6653
  • Arrive no later than 1:00pm, please.
  • Be set up and ready to sell when the Market opens at 2:00pm.
  • Stay until the Market closes at 6:00pm.
  • An aerial map with arrows showing the entry plan is shown below.
  • To exit, follow the arrows backwards.
  • Drive in off Pemberton-Browns Mills Road, proceed past parking and beyond the line of cones.
  • Turn left just before the green-and-white snow fence into the field.
  • Drive directly into the Market, following the site plan, looking for white stripes drawn on the grass.
  • Park your vehicle across the back of your area inside your assigned spaces.
  • Set up tents and tables across the front of your assigned space.
  • Bring and use tent weights or stakes for everybody’s safety.
  • The Market site is a grassy field. It should be dry tomorrow, but consider bringing a mat just in case.
  • Total likes at the moment: 297
  • There has not been much activity on this page in recent weeks. Please feel free to post news about your farm or business to generate interest in the site.
  • You can “Check In” on facebook when you arrive to let your friends (and your boss) know you’re here.

Vendor Entry to the Market:

Entry Drive

Link to Google Maps for Driving Directions
Leave a comment in the Reply field below OR
Email David Hodges at OR
Phone David Hodges at (856) 854-8385 Home Office OR
Phone David Hodges at (856) 979-6653 Cell Phone for Market Days

Market Director

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