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Voorhees SAT JUL 27, 2013

David Hodges

JUL 27 Voorhees

Hello, Voorhees Marketeers!

General Notes

This Saturday will be fantastic weather for a Farmers’ Market. 80s, partly sunny. Let’s play two!

Vendor Notes

  • Blueberry Fields has had two good weeks and will be back again AUG 03 and AUG 10, but not this week.
  • BACK WITH YAK. Woods Edge Wools Farm will occupy the “center square” this week after an absence. They’re bringing ground yak patties and sausage, and maybe some beef. They’ve been selling so well the stock is low, but we’re happy to welcome them back.
  • Sweet Pea CSA is also taking off a week to replenish supplies, but will return.
  • Bellview Winery is our Jersey Wine vendor this week. Be sure to welcome them back and remind your customers we have wine every week.
  • Duffield Farm Stand—thankfully—will return this week after last week’s unfortunate emergency. Matt is doing fine and now has “a backup plan” in place in the event he ever has to miss another Market. Please welcome him warmly back to his rightful spot at the end.
  • Waldor Orchids is off this week. Jalma Farms (the beach plum grower and preserve maker) will alternate weeks here and at another Market. They’ll be back AUG 03.
  • There’s room in the plan for Momma’s Home Made. I’m never quite sure if they’re coming, but we can accommodate them if they do.
  • John and Kira’s will be back with gourmet chocolates. Hank Sauce is back too. So is Kemp’s Kettle Corn, so we’ve got the sweet and savory and spicy and snacky covered.
  • Since we have a bit of room available, I’m giving Hazlett Organic enough space to park a vehicle in their regular location.
MARKET EVENT: Welcome back “Guitar Man” John Rossi. He may be embarrassed by the nickname and had nothing to do with choosing it. It’s just what I like to call him. We’re always happy to host him.

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