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Voorhees SAT JUL 20 2013

David Hodges

JUL 20 Voorhees

Hello, Voorhees Marketeers!

General Notes

This Saturday will be HOT and humid but dry. Expect a beautiful if steamy day.

Building Momentum

Last week’s Island event and very full Market did a lot to encourage shoppers to return for another day. We’ll continue to build on our momentum this week by consolidating our newer vendors into the mix and adding new participants.

Vendor Notes

  • Blueberry Fields will be back again after two successful weeks.
  • Sweet Pea CSA is back too, with room for her truck.
  • Hank had a good week last week and will return with awesome hot sauces.
  • Monroeville Winery is back to take the Jersey Wine space this week. Be sure to welcome them back.
  • Mike Scappa at the Talluto table will again represent the artisan breads of American Harvest of Mount Laurel. Help your customers locate this new feature please.
  • Kemp’s Kettle Corn kept the kids entertained last week while they waited for their turn with the balloon lady. They’re back for a return engagement.
  • Welcome back Waldor Orchids, who missed out on the Caribbean party, but will be with us this week (when Voorhees will FEEL LIKE the Caribbean).
  • NEW VENDOR: Jalma Farms (as anticipated) will attend for their first market this SAT JUL 20. Introduce yourself to Alma and ask about her unique beach plum products. (You can also get the story on New Jersey’s own super-fruit, the aronia berry!)
  • OLD/NEW VENDOR: We haven’t seen much of Momma’s Home Made this year, but they’ll be back this week too, with everybody’s favorite homemade applesauce.
  • Thank you as always to our indispensable regular vendors, who don’t make news by coming and going, but do such a wonderful job every week of keeping our customers coming back. Thank you, thank you Fruitwood, Talluto, Duffield, Catelli, and Hazlett Organic!
MARKET VISITORS: Reminder, this week or next, you may be approached by prospective vendors from Lawless Jerky and Marc Kaplan’s Kelp Chips. Please make them feel welcome. We can all benefit from adding a variety of quality vendors to our mix.


  1. alma george says:

    Excited about doing our first Voorhees Market! Stop by the JALMA FARMS stand for a FREE taste of our Beach Plum jam a sweet treat from the shore; that’s Beach Plum not peach plum or beach bum! We will also have our black aronia (aka chokeberry) jam for tasting. Learn about our native Super-Fruit.

  2. davidbdale says:

    Also not bleach buns. 🙂
    Welcome, Alma. I expect you’ll do beautifully.

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