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Voorhees SAT JUL 06

David Hodges

Voorhees JUL 06
Hello, Voorhees Marketeers!

General Notes

Weather should be spectacular this week and Farmers Markets are a popular family outing for a stay-home holiday weekend (and for those entertaining out-of-town guests)!

Vendor Notes

  • Blueberry Fields had a good first week and will return next week SAT JUL 13.
  • Bellview Winery is with us this week. Remind your customers that we have fine wines every week.
  • Hank Sauce is back with sauces to enhance the meats Woods Edge will bring.
  • Woods Edge Wool Farm will be back with coolers of meat.
  • We’ve moved the Refreshment Tent adjacent to Catelli. (This meant relocating Hazlett Organic to break up the mix, which I never do thoughtlessly and hope will work out well for everyone.)
  • Sweet Pea CSA reports their hens “are on strike” and not laying, but they look forward to a hearty return on JUL 27, and a stepped-up participation schedule in August and September.
  • David has located an excellent artisan bakery in Mount Laurel and is working hard to mount and staff a retail operation for them at the Market. Expect a full line of baguettes; batards; boules; and rustic, crusty, hand-shaped loaves and ciabattas, as early as JUL 13.
  • Ever heard of a beach plum? Jalma Farms of Cape May County has been growing them for jellies, jams, and syrups and is eager to move into “inland” markets. Expect more news about them.

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