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Collingswood SAT JUL 06

David Hodges

Colls JUL 06

Hello, Collingswood Marketeers!

 Welcome back for Week 10 of our 2013 Season.

Contact Phone

Call David Hodges any time Saturday morning
(856) 979-6653

Vendor News

There’s breathing room in our site plan this week. La Pooch, Rochelle Rose, and Otolith are all off this week, and instead of 5 Guest Vendors, we have 3. Holly Acres is finished for the season, so Formisano Farms will expand to absorb that space. Schober is about to expand with extra tents for their peach tables. This is the last week of the season for Cymron Cottage; stop by to bid them farewell and pick up something pretty for the garden. And at the west end, this week marks the first appearance of the Eckert family corn truck.

Guest Vendors

BERRIES AND CHOCOLATE: Both specialty berry farms are here this week, Brookeberry with their organic raspberries and Blue Acres Berry Farm with—you guessed it—blueberries. They will flank John & Kira’s Chocolates at the Guest Vendor end of the Market.

Cycle for a Cause?

Longtime friend of the Market Steven Burch is riding in the Multiple Sclerosis City to the Shore Bike Tour. He’s here seeking sponsors and recruiting riders

Independence Day Events

No Collingswood events for the holiday will create conflict or opportunity for the Market. All in-town events were held on Thursday, July 04. However, this is a big home barbecue weekend, so anyone who’s in town for the weekend will likely be at the Market on Saturday.

New Feature: Market Tours!

Friend of the Farmers Market (FOFM) volunteer Erin O’Donnell will be conducting tours of the Market to familiarize shoppers with vendors and their wares, and to help them understand various types of table areas. Look for Erin this week at your tables: she’ll be introducing herself and asking questions that might be of interest to shoppers, including what to do with a patty pan squash. Then, July 13, you’ll see her again, conducting the first Market Tour.

BID Vendors

Mike DiBartolo, not David Hodges, is your contact for all questions regarding your appearance. Mike DiBartolo, (609) 949-3424.

Flexible Site Plan

Changes will continue to occur throughout the season as vendors come and go and as we learn more about how neighbors interact. I remind you no spaces are ever guaranteed and require your cooperation if I move your location any given week.

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