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Collingswood SAT AUG 11

David Hodges

More seasonally transitional weather.

Seems this summer there’s always a thunderstorm SOMEWHERE. The early forecast calls for Scattered Thunderstorms. We’re calling this week a Cat/Cow. Expect temps in the 70s and clouds, with likely showers somewhere in South Jersey. (Last week’s forecast was MUCH more dire, but the rain was a brief disruption.)

Transitional Weather

Official Forecast

Here’s the chart from

Weather AUG 11

Siteplan for SAT AUG 11

This third version of the Site Map may not be the last, but it’s the latest.

  • Hurley’s Landscaping can’t be with us this week, so we’ve turned over their space to Weckerly’s Ice Cream and two non-food participants.
  • Headquarters Farm Lamb. We’re delighted to announce the late addition of a brand new vendor who can provide any cut of lamb your heart desires with enough notice. This week, and next, Lake District Englishman Roger Byrom (now a resident of Stockton NJ) will bring what he already has in stock and take his place in the “Meat Market” at the east end of the Market.

ANNUAL ANIMAL ADOPTATHON: This week, the color coding identifies the section at the top of the Market as the space set aside for the annual gathering of animal shelters and rescues known as the Adopt-a-thon!

THE MEAT MARKET: At the “other end” of the plan—the east end at Perkins Art Center—we’ve collected farms that raise livestock, including heritage beef and pork, yak and alpacas, chickens for their meat and eggs, pasture-raised lamb, and bison.


Lamb Ice Cream Site Plan AUG 11

Collingswood Foods SAT AUG 11

Collingswood Food Businesses. We split up the Collingswood Section this week to accommodate the Adoptathon, but you’ll still find four fine Collingswood food businesses in the site plan.



CONSTELLATION COLLECTIVE, displaced this week by the Adoptathon, has taken the opportunity to go on a well-deserved vacation. Find them in their usual location on SAT AUG 18.

REVOLUTION ROASTERS!  Find your favorite roasts by the bag, by the growler, or by the cup, in the middle of the Market for one week only. Find them in their usual location on SAT AUG 18.

Amber Grain Bakery keeps bringing new fresh products to the table every week. Stop by to see the latest goodies from this very popular German-style bakery.

Villa Barone. Giovanni (John) Barone will stand in for his father Guido this week, selling sauces, perhaps cheeses, and other Italian favorites from this popular Collingswood restaurant.

Sara’s Produce, by special arrangement, is the one source for produce NOT grown in New Jersey. They are mandated to bring us the “exotics” so our shoppers won’t need to go to the supermarket for an avocado or a lemon.

Guest Vendors and Special Products

Catch them while they’re here!



  • Green Aisle Grocery
    —All sorts of novelty from the Green Aisle team this week. Rosemary peach preserves / Chile honey ricotta / Peach apple sauce / Blackberry vinegar / Tomato gazpacho/ Arugula smoked mozzarella pesto/ and so much more!
  • Inspired Brews Kombucha
    —Nobody does a better job of patronizing local farms to flavor their fermented tea beverages than Inspired Brews. Bring your growler or ask for a sample pour.
  • Charlie’s Crepes
    —Charlie buys his sweet and savory ingredients (always a meat, always a fruit, always delicious) at the Market and whips up new concoctions every week.
  • Knowhere Farm Goats Milk Soap
    —We host one soap maker each week, compared to 24 farms every season. Some weeks, like SAT AUG 11, we’re lucky to host a farm that makes soap from the goat milk they collect from their own goats. Come out and meet the kids. Buy a soap and take a selfie.
  • Woof and Whiskers Pet Biscuits
    — You couldn’t ask for a more wholesome recipe than Woof and Whiskers provides in these tasty treats. Bring your pet to the table for a sample.
  • Our Souls Shine
    — Cindy Irvin teaches yoga to children and writes about it in her beautifully-illustrated books. But that’s not why she’s at the Market. Taste her fresh and flavorful pindjur, a dip-spread-condiment made from Jersey fresh roasted eggplant and peppers.


Official Market Bloggers

Denine Gorniak
Peach Pie Contest 2018

Peach Pies 2018


Denine Gorniak (TheBicycle-Chef). Peach Pie Contest 2018. Two things we’ve come to count on in recent years: every summer, wonderful bakers will contribute fabulous pies to the annual Peach Pie Baking Contest, and every summer, Denine Gorniak will chronicle the event with beautiful photographs and details about not just the pies, but also their intrepid creators. Happily, our expectations have been met again this year. Denine took photos of every pie and every winning contestant, sampled all the peachy goodness, and compiled the results at her blog post. Follow the link to see all the winners and learn a bit about the bakers who brought their A game to the FOFM (Friends of the Farmers’ Market) table last week.

Lisa Grant
Skillet Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Peppers


Lisa Grant (JerseyGirlCooks). Skillet Stuffed Peppers. Not all the ingredients came from the Market, but the peppers did. Lisa found her sweet bell peppers at the Springdale Farms table and filled them with a ground turkey and brown rice stuffing. These can be done in a skillet to avoid turning on the oven and heating the kitchen in the summer swelter. Follow the link to Lisa’s blog for the details and cooking instructions. And check in later to see what she does with the colorful Formisano Farms peppers she’s planning to use next.

Susan Mauer Lynch
Crabless Crab Cakes

Crabless Cakes


Susan Mauer Lynch (YellowRoomUpstairs). Crab Cakes without the Crab. Susan never fails to surprise us with her Market finds. This week she’s found a way to produce a favorite seafood dish from the Lion’s Mane mushrooms at Davidson’s Exotic Mushrooms, but without any seafood. Along the way, she found a use for eggs from Savoie Organic, and some Mac ‘n’ Cheese from Hillacres Pride. Follow the link to her blog to learn the secret of crabless crab cakes.

Stef Perna
Scallion Dutch Baby

Dutch Baby


Stef Perna (treatbelly). Scallion Dutch Baby. Nobody photographs food like our Official Market Blogger Stef Perna. Dieters should avoid her blog because her photos actually add calories. But lovers of food and cooking who want to discover something new, like this week’s “Dutch Baby” recipes, need to click through directly. Dutch babies aren’t quite pancakes because they bake in the oven, but neither are they cakes, or omelets. Stef used Flaim Farms scallions, Springdale Farms potted chives and Wm. Schober & Sons blueberries for her sweet and savory babies.

For the Animal Lovers
Adopt-a-thon 2018

Email Blast 2018



Every week we host a local animal welfare agency to staff the Dog Tent: a rescue, a shelter, a veterinary hospital or an animal foster agency.

This week, SAT AUG 11, we’re hosting not one but 10 Animal Rescues or Shelters at our annual Animal Adoptathon.

Several love connections have been made at previous Adoptathons that have led to permanent “forever placements” for our shoppers.

Come by Saturday to meet some very compassionate people and some beautiful animals in need of your affection.

Live Music on Two Stages!

Rossi Sengin



EAST STAGE MUSIC TENT. Marc Sengin.  Mark is very much a solo act, but with his new harmonizer he’ll sound like a trio. You’ll think you’re listening to Peter, Paul, and Mary (or a dozen other acts from the 60s and 70s). Bring a tambourine and play along.

WEST STAGE UNDER PATCO. John Rossi. Give him a microphone and a chair. John will bring his Martin guitar and his good humor and charm the crowd with familiar tunes to brighten everyone’s mood.

For the Art Lovers
Fred Chase Woodcraft


FEATURED ARTIST. Fred Chase (Wooden Bowls and Vessels). Fred won’t say it, so we’ll say it for him. The phrase “wood bowls and vessels” doesn’t begin to describe the beauty and artistry of these magnificent pieces of practical art. You may think you have no use for a bowl, but Fred’s work uncovers the ineluctable and presents hand-shaped nature at its organic best.



Small Bills and a Bathroom Key

Many of you know, but for those of you who don’t, I carry small bills for vendors who run out of singles during the Market day. For guest vendors who might not be aware, I also have a key to Perkins Art Center, a Market sponsor, the primary benefit of which, for our vendors is INDOOR PLUMBING!

Man holding tiny dollar bills


It’s good business to save the best parking spaces for SHOPPERS! Most visitors will tell you it’s tough to find parking at the Market. We make things worse by parking our own vehicles in spaces that could be used and re-used many times by shoppers. Please encourage your table crew to park for free in the Lumberyard Parking Garage (just across Collings Avenue from the west entrance). There are plenty of spaces inside, and the walk back to the Market takes 3 minutes.

Flexible Site Plan

Changes will continue to occur throughout the season as vendors come and go and as we learn more about how neighbors interact. I remind you no spaces are ever guaranteed and require your cooperation if I have to move your location any given week.

Market DirectorTHANK YOU
David Hodges, Market Director
Home Office (856) 854-8385
Market Day Cell Phone (856) 979-6653


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