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Collingswood SAT NOV 18

David Hodges

Not Freezing.

The lettuces won’t freeze on the tables as they did last week, but it won’t be warm. 30s during load-in and setup, warming to maybe 50 by breakdown, but . . . cloudier, windier, and maybe wetter during load-out. Tents will be essential if it starts to drizzle toward noon, and tent weights a must as the winds pick up.

Or the forecasters could be all wet. 🙂

Weather Picture

Official forecast for SAT NOV 18

Weather NOV 18

Site Plan for SAT NOV 18


For the final week of the season we’ll be filling in the empty spaces with juried artists and crafters for the annual Handmade Holidays celebration of local artistic talent and the much-anticipated start of the holiday gift-buying season.

Site Plan NOV 18

BID Vendors SAT NOV 18

BID Vendors. At the west end of the Market, members of the Collingswood Business Improvement District (BID) may sell food products not necessarily locally-sourced.



BID Vendors. At the west end of the Market, members of the Collingswood Business Improvement District (BID) may sell food products not necessarily locally-sourced.

Sara’s Produce is back to close out the season with us. By special arrangement with the Market, Sara brings ONLY NON-JERSEY PRODUCE. Get your bananas, pineapples, mangoes, persimmons, etc., here.

We’ve got your other favorite BID vendors this week: Dulce Artisanal Pastry, Villa Barone, Charlie’s Crepes, and Cheese Etc.

Also in the BID area: John & Kira’s Chocolates.

Guest Vendors and Special Products



Start a shopping list!

Start your last shopping list of the 2017 Market Season! We’ve got a very full lineup of Guest Vendors and Special Products this week.

  • Weckerly’s Ice Cream
    You have or can make room in your freezer. This is your last chance to stock up on the area’s best, most organic, entirely locally-made premium ice cream. The only ice cream of the Collingswood Farmers’ Market.
  • Indogrow Microgreens
    —The boys from Cherry Hill are back with their tiny little crop of hyperlocal, super-flavorful sprouts!
  • Our Souls Shine Applesauce
    —This is new! Cindy is adding fresh local cranberries to the organic apples and personally-grown kale from her garden to make a special holiday jar!
  • Neil’s Sharpening Service
    —If there’s one day of the year that DEMANDS a sharp knife, it’s Thanksgiving. Avoid the shame of last year’s fiasco, when the turkey went cold while you sawed through it for fifteen minutes with a dull blade.
  • Barn and Stone House Soap
    — Not just soap but plenty of other cleansing and grooming products, all made by our vendor!
  • Inspired Brews Kombucha
    —Sip a sample, buy a bottle, or bring a growler for a refill. In the BID section of the Market.
  • MECHA Artisan Chocolates
    — Find them in our “chocolate space,” with pumpkin and other favorite holiday flavors.
  • Preservation Provisions
    —Not sure there’s a difference in pickles? Test that theory by sampling from several varieties.
  • Woods Edge Wool Farm
    —They raise alpaca for their wool and yak for their meat. They keep bees for honey and pollination. They make candles and soap. They knit that fabulous wool into awesome garments and the world’s best socks and gloves. Spend some time with them.
  • John & Kira’s Chocolates
    —If you haven’t tried the ganache-stuffed figs you haven’t fully experienced ganache, or figs!
  • Green Aisle Grocery
    —Nut butters! Cocktail mixers! Pestos, soups, salsas, and preserves! Know what’s best about them as we disappear into several months of NO MARKET? They keep! Stock up this week before it’s too late.

Official Market Bloggers

Denine Gorniak (The Bicycle-Chef)
Thanksgiving Leftovers


Denine Gorniak (The Bicycle-Chef). Thanksgiving Leftovers. Clever Denine is dishing up leftover recipes and cooking tips this week that utilize leftover foods from our Thanksgiving feasts, including three she presented on Talk Philly Live with Ukee Washington. Here’s the tantalizing list: Chicken and Pumpkin Enchiladas, Apple Cranberry and Cinnamon Sauce, Pumpkin Maple Syrup and the Pumpkin Pancakes, Curried Turkey Salad, Cranberry Walnut Cornbread Stuffing, Apple Cranberry Orange Compote, and Christmas Cheer Cranberry-Infused Vodka. You have just one more week to shop the Market for ingredients, but the recipes and blog posts from our Official Market Bloggers are available year-round. Please follow them and let them know you appreciate what they do. See Denine’s blog post for this week’s recipes and photos.


Handmade Holidays 2017


For the second week, we’ll open our tables to terrific juried artists and crafters (jewelers, potters, fiber artists, woodworkers, clothing designers, and so much more).

Joining us for week two are these Outstanding Vendors

  • Aimee Eckert (Relics Revisited) Jewelry
  • Jennifer Talarico (Jennifer’s Fiber Designs) Clothing
  • Rose Pacey (Gypsy Art) Mixed Media
  • Anneliese Kissling (Le Petit Fox) Knitted Goods
  • Lorraine Delphey (L’Originals) Cotton Items
  • Evelyn Taylor Designs Ceramics
  • Maria Cartwright (222 Creations) Copper Fired Jewelry
  • Jennifer Prasad (Canary Works) Pillow Covers
  • Monique DuTill Platt (DuTill & Daughters) Ceramics
  • Eric Wolff (Mud and Fire) Ceramics
  • Michele Cole Designs Jewelry
  • Katie Locke (Infinnity Kids) Children’s Items
  • Hope Mead (Works of Hope) Ceramics
  • Sweet Succulent Creations Succulent Arrangements
  • Lindsay Varon (Hooked Up) Finger Puppets
  • Steph Schultz (Mermaid Metal) Metal Jewelry
  • Lauren Lopez (PHILA-CARTA) Collingswood Items
  • Linen and Spoon Handcarved Wood (and Linens)
  • Meredith Greimel (Beaucycled) Jewelry, Knits
  • Heidi Barr (Kitchen Garden Series) Kitchen Textiles
  • Joan Prato (Joan of Art) Metal Jewelry
  • Steven Kressel Metal/Bone Work
  • Aaron McCargo Ponchos, Backpacks, Clothing

Also participating with farm-produced crafts are these two Legacy Vendors:

  • Woods Edge Wool Farm (at the Perkins end)
    Alpaca wool socks, scarves, gloves, shawls, yarns, blankets and more!
  • Windy Farm Alpacas (at the west end)
    Live alpacas, yarns, and wool garments.

For the Animal Lovers
Live Alpacas at the west end


Live Guests from Windy Farm Alpacas.

This will be your last chance this season to get close to the adorable alpacas from Windy Farm. Stay long enough to hear them “purr.”


Small Bills and a Bathroom Key

Many of you know, but for those of you who don’t, I carry small bills for vendors who run out of singles during the Market day. For guest vendors who might not be aware, I also have a key to Perkins Art Center, a Market sponsor, the primary benefit of which, for our vendors is INDOOR PLUMBING!

Man holding tiny dollar bills


It’s good business to save the best parking spaces for SHOPPERS! Most visitors will tell you it’s tough to find parking at the Market. We make things worse by parking our own vehicles in spaces that could be used and re-used many times by shoppers. Please encourage your table crew to park for free in the Lumberyard Parking Garage (just across Collings Avenue from the west entrance). There are plenty of spaces inside, and the walk back to the Market takes 3 minutes.

Flexible Site Plan

Changes will continue to occur throughout the season as vendors come and go and as we learn more about how neighbors interact. I remind you no spaces are ever guaranteed and require your cooperation if I have to move your location any given week.

Market DirectorTHANK YOU
David Hodges, Market Director
Home Office (856) 854-8385
Market Day Cell Phone (856) 979-6653


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