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Collingswood SAT AUG 05

David Hodges

Arrive to wet pavement.

As forecasts go (especially this summer!) this week’s is not too bad. The Market-hour conditions are mostly cloudy with temps in the 70s, but the likelihood of rain overnight is pretty significant. That means the chalk will wash away before you arrive, so look for the green paint markings on the pavement and KNOW YOUR LOCATION NUMBER (or letter) when you arrive, please. Text me (856) 979-6653 if you need help.

Weather Picture

Official Forecast SAT AUG 05

Weather AUG 05

Site Plan for SAT AUG 05

I’m starting to think we’ll be “full to capacity” every week from now to the end of the season. We certainly are this week. Sikking Flowers and Cheese Etc are back after each missing just one week. Schober is at full size, and the BID section is packed. MECHA’s Chocolate has committed to the full month of August, and we have a new vendor bringing us farm-raised shrimp. See the story below.


Site Plan SAT AUG 05

Peach Pie Baking Contest

08108 Pie


It’s that time again. This SAT AUG 05 we kick off Peach Month (it’s every August for you initiates) with our annual celebration of Jersey’s Golden Peachy Goodness baked into a pie. The competition is fierce (but friendly), the pies are spectacular to look at and wonderful to judge (too late; we have our judges), and the prizes are Market certificates redeemable at any of our vendors. Advance Registration is required, and time is running out. Follow the link RIGHT NOW and secure your slot. Registration will take just a couple of minutes.

NEW VENDOR: The Big Shrimp Company


FARM RAISED SHRIMP. Here’s a riddle. How are shrimp that are grown live in Pennsauken raised “in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean”?

ANSWER: The Big Shrimp Company brings ocean water to Camden County from Barnegat NJ in tanker trucks, then filters, heats, and hydrates it, and pumps it through their 75,000 gallon storage/growth tanks, constantly circulating it for additional filtration, and grows these Pacific White Shrimp with no chemicals, no antibiotics. Get yourself a taste this week. They’ve signed on for the rest of the season.

BID Vendors SAT AUG 05

BID Vendors. At the west end of the Market, members of the Collingswood Business Improvement District (BID) may sell food products not necessarily locally-sourced. Villa Barone and Blue Moon Olive Oils feature olives and oils, for example.

This week, we’ll host Dulce Artisanal Pastry, Villa Barone, Cheese Etc, and Sara’s Produce. Charlie’s Crepes has a BID space too, but he relies heavily on local produce.

Inspired Brews Kombucha will find its place in the BID section this week too.




Guest Vendors SAT AUG 05

Butter Pecan Toffee


  • MECHA Artisan Chocolates
    —Chocolate at an outdoor Market in August is very rare, so thank you to MECHA for committing to bringing the good stuff every SAT this month.
  • Inspired Brews Kombucha
    Always fresh, with fun flavors on tap! Bring a growler.
  • Garden State Juice
    —Your favorite juicers, who always make such wonderful concoctions from our own vendors’ produce, are back this week, SAT AUG 05 with special flavors old and new.
  • Amber Grain Bakery
    —Now a regular vendor, still selling out early every week.
  • Woods Edge Wool Farm
    —This is the only farm we know where you can get alpaca woolens, yak steaks, dryer lint balls, beeswax candles, and fresh local honey all from one table.
  • Our Souls Shine Applesauce
    —Organic apples and kale from the garden combine with good vibes and a bucket of sunshine to produce a sublime product wonderful for kids and enlightened adults.
  • Constellation Collective
    —COLD BREW! Not only will the CoCo girls be back this week for the second week in a row, they’ll be drawing fresh Cold Brewed Coffee for the Revolution Roaster boys, who are unavoidably OFF for this one week.


Official Market Bloggers

Susan Mauer Lynch (Yellow Room Upstairs)
Parsleyed Potatoes

Parsleyed Potatoes


Susan Mauer Lynch (Yellow Room Upstairs). Simple is the word this week. Or rather, simple, fresh and local are the words. Susan chose her potatoes from Savoie Organic and paired them with carrots from Our Yards Farm (after also shopping both at Flaim, Formisano, and DanLynn Farms). For good measure, some yellow beans from Viereck Farm (also available at Springdale and Savoie), butter from Hillacres Pride, and parsley from Our Yards. Prep is easy, seasoning is simple, results are delicious. See the easy instructions and more beautiful photos at Susan’s blog here.

Featured Artist SAT AUG 05

Relics Revisited
Aimee Eckert


Relics Revisited. There would be no Featured Artist program without our own Aimee Eckert, who conceived the idea, juries the artists, and books the schedule. This week she gets to feature her own work. “My jewelry collection is constructed from original photographs, vintage bits, metal, clothing and various found and reclaimed odds and ends. I give found items new life,” she says. Come see. Or visit her etsy shop for a preview, then come collect what you’ve selected.

Music SAT AUG 05

EAST STAGE MUSIC TENT. You know how sometimes a genuinely nice guy is also blessed with talent and makes everybody feel wonderful? John Rossi is one of those guys. Come out and meet him. He’s bringing his guitar.

Rossi Trimmed


WEST STAGE BELOW PATCO. Their friends know them as Eric, Chris, and Rob, but at the Market we call them The Wayside Shakeup. You’ll call them talented, lively, and fun.

Wayside Shakeup 2



For Animal Lovers


DOG TENT. Lilo’s Promise is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit animal welfare organization (like all the shelters and rescues that help us staff the Dog Tent). As such, they rely on donations to provide the care and medical treatment for the beautiful pit bulls they rescue. Of course, cash is great, and fully tax deductible, but if you really want to do something special to help, follow this link to their Amazon Wish List and send some indispensable supplies. See the Lilo team and an adorable adoptable or two at the Dog Tent this week.

Small Bills and a Bathroom Key

Many of you know, but for those of you who don’t, I carry small bills for vendors who run out of singles during the Market day. For guest vendors who might not be aware, I also have a key to Perkins Art Center, a Market sponsor, the primary benefit of which, for our vendors is INDOOR PLUMBING!

Man holding tiny dollar bills


It’s good business to save the best parking spaces for SHOPPERS! Most visitors will tell you it’s tough to find parking at the Market. We make things worse by parking our own vehicles in spaces that could be used and re-used many times by shoppers. Please encourage your table crew to park for free in the Lumberyard Parking Garage (just across Collings Avenue from the west entrance). There are plenty of spaces inside, and the walk back to the Market takes 3 minutes.

Flexible Site Plan

Changes will continue to occur throughout the season as vendors come and go and as we learn more about how neighbors interact. I remind you no spaces are ever guaranteed and require your cooperation if I have to move your location any given week.

Market DirectorTHANK YOU
David Hodges, Market Director
Home Office (856) 854-8385
Market Day Cell Phone (856) 979-6653

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