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Collingswood SAT MAY 27, 2017

David Hodges


Week 4 of our 2017 Season is the very different Mayfair Saturday.

As we do just once every year, we’re relocating to Irvin Avenue this week to accommodate Mayfair, the annual town-wide block party that attracts maybe 50,000 participants to Haddon Avenue. For experienced vendors, this is no surprise; for newcomers, the dislocation will be startling.

 2017 Mayfair4


Vehicles are Prohibited

Vehicles cannot be driven into or parked on Irvin Avenue, which is narrower than our usual spaces. Instead, you’ll be parking in the lot behind the Kitchen Associates building and unloading by foot onto Irvin Avenue.

Do Not Drive Onto Irvin Avenue

A few vendors have made appointments with David to arrive at particular times for very brief vehicle access. Unless you have a scheduled time to use your vehicle, park in the Kitchen Associates lot and walk your setup.

Site Plan and Pavement Chalk

  • The Irvin Avenue Site Plan is attached.
  • In addition, David will be chalking the pavement squares with your initials to confirm which spaces you’ve been assigned.

Guest Vendors

We had limited room for Guest Vendors this week, but are happy to note the several participants in the site plan above. Garden State Juice, Neil’s Knife Sharpening, and Inspired Brews Kombucha will join our full-season vendors as Guests this week.

BID Vendors

Only Villa Barone and Sara’s Produce will join us, both near the intersection of Haddon Avenue, just inside DanLynn Organic and King Kernel corn.

Guest Artist

We are including one Featured Artist among our guests. Return vendors will recognize the colorful Doctor-Seuss-like birdhouses of Deppenwood. They’re very popular Mayfair items and we’re happy to have them in our midst.

Deppenwood Birdhouse

No Veggie Valet / No Volunteers / No Music / No Dog Tent

There will be no Veggie Valet, no Friends of the Farmers’ Market, no Live Music, no Dog Tent, and no dedicated Nonprofits spaces this week. All will return SAT JUN 03.

Flexible Site Plan

This week especially I will need vendors to be flexible and understanding as you set up your spaces. I will be on the site from 5am until 8am to facilitate the load-in, after which I will depart to visit the Brigantine Farmers’ Market. (It’s the only Saturday I am free to see this Market, and I’ve never been there.) Remain calm and sell a lot of stuff.

Market DirectorTHANK YOU
David Hodges, Market Director
Home Office (856) 854-8385
Market Day Cell Phone (856) 979-6653


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