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Handmade Holidays Setup 2014

David Hodges

Welcome Artists and Crafters. We’re delighted to host you for the 2014 Handmade Holidays event at the Collingswood Farmers’ Market.

Whether you’re a Market veteran or a Market rookie, these instructions will help insure a smooth arrival and setup during what can be a hectic hour. You’ll be moving into a Market that is already well established, joining dozens of vendors with their own customary locations, setup procedures, and traffic patterns. Take it easy, stay aware, and remember you are a guest.

Study your location

  • Further down this post you will find the site plans for all four November Saturdays.
  • Study the plans for all the Saturdays you’ve scheduled.
  • We’ve done our best to avoid bouncing you around.
  • Except for this first, weather-altered week, you should be in the same location, but check.
Arrive very early

  • The first farm vendors arrive at 6am. You are welcome to arrive with them.
  • Arrive no later than 7am. You need to be ready to sell at 8am.
  • David will be on site wearing red sweatshirt and/or jacket and a Market cap.
  • You may text David to let him know you’ve arrived.
  • Text, don’t call, (856) 979-6653

If you’re on the South side of the Market (spaces 50-89)

  • STOP
  • Stop at the west entrance to the Market.
  • David will guide you to your space when the traffic permits.
  • DO NOT proceed directly to your space and put up a tent.

If you’re on the North side of the Market (spaces 1-49)

  • DO NOT drive into the Market at all.
  • You’ll park briefly alongside the parking meters on the north side to unload.
  • David will have Vendor Parking Passes for you
  • Park in the Lumberyard Garage for free to save spaces for shoppers.

Have the latest plan with you

  • This blog is easy to bring on your smartphone.
  • The site plan is subject to change.
  • The latest version is always live at the blog.
  • If you bring a printed copy of your plan, it might not be current.
Carry my number

  • Don’t be late, but text ahead if you’re going to be late.
  • (856) 979-6653.
  • If you must call instead of texting, please remember, when I answer, I will be busy with someone who’s on time.
  • Remain patient.

Drive the right direction

  • Traffic is ONE WAY, west to east.
  • The top of the site plan is the entrance.
  • Spaces 50-89 wait for David to escort your car.
  • Spaces 1-49 do not drive into the Market.
  • Spaces 1-49 load from the “parking meter” side of the space

Look for the chalk

  • Market space numbers are marked with chalk on the pavement.
  • Market spaces are parking space dimensions, 10 feet wide by 16 feet deep.
  • Lines are drawn diagonally, but your spaces are square.
Bring your own tables and tents

  • The Market provides space only.
  • Bring your own tables and tents.
  • November can be windy; tents require weights for safety.
  • Plan your displays so that your products don’t fall or blow away.

Unload quickly

  • The “drive” down the middle gets very congested.
  • At most, you have 15 minutes to unload.
  • Stay to the side to permit others to pass.
  • Don’t even think about parking your vehicle in your space.
  • Get a free Vendor Parking Pass from David.
  • If you take a prime parking spot for four hours, customers can’t use it.

Be a good neighbor

  • The Market is a wonderful community of vendors who cooperate.
  • You will be most welcome if you are considerate.
  • Put the needs of others first and we will all succeed.

Site Map for SAT NOV 01

NOV 01Site Map for SAT NOV 08

Site Map for SAT NOV 15

NOV 150001

Site Map for SAT NOV 22

NOV 22


  1. Tia Green says:

    Hi David. I am not seeing Tia’s Gifted Hands on the layout. Tia Green

    • davidbdale says:

      Tia, there’s an unnamed space at the bottom of the site plan alongside Rich’s Micro Roast that I use when all the other spaces are filled. Since you were the last to be added, that will be your space unless spme vendor I’m expecting doesn’t show up. Come early and text me when you arrive. Drive on the OUTSIDE of the Market all the way down to the Perkins Art Center at the bottom of the Market and I will show you the space. Cell phone for 2AM-12noon texting 856 979-6653. I’m up now.

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