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Voorhees Twilight Market THU MAY 22

David Hodges

MAY 22Hello, Voorhees Marketeers!

General Notes

Thursday’s weather will be iffy: Temperatures in the mid-70s, but scattered thunderstorms early, followed by sunny between 6 and 7. Let’s hope those early storms are VERY scattered.

Vendor Notes

  • Duffield Farm will be back this week with more strawberries than they had last week.
  • A.T. Buzby farm will return as well, with Jersey Fresh hydroponic tomatoes, and more fresh produce from the fields.
  • Davidson’s Mushrooms will be traveling from Kennett Square to bring us shitakes, criminis, and other exotic mushrooms.
  • Alex Gassner’s Taproots Farm is off this week and next. Rob injured a rib, and next week is the first week of their CSA. Taprooots will be back with fresh produce THU JUN 05.
  • Far Wind Farm, will provide extraordinary pastured eggs from the very contented laying hens at their Williamstown farm.
  • Wild Flour Bakery, whose artisan breads, baguettes, flatbreads and other baked goods have been pleasing Marketgoers all around the region for year, returns to Voorhees for their second week.
  • New vendor (and a temporary addition) Fruits d’Heritage will bring just one product: heirloom tomato seedlings in charming, biodegradable paper pots that can be directly planted.
  • Market favorites Kemp’s Kettle Corn have resolved their production and staffing issues and will make their first appearance this week.
  • Carol Steinhauser brought her hand soap, sugar scrubs, lotion bars, lip balms, bubble bath and other bath products to Market last year as Blueberry Fields. She’s eager to return and we’re delighted to welcome her back.
  • Town Center Boulevard tenant Victorian Savories hasn’t confirmed yet for this week, but last week they provided our coffee service and bakery desserts. We’ve sited them next to the Market Relaxation tent so their customers can idle there with coffee and snacks.
  • We’re inviting the Market’s favorite musician, John Rossi, to make a repeat performance this week. With his guitar.

Twilight Market Vendor Mix

  • As a Farmers’ Market, we’re as committed as ever to bringing Jersey Fresh produce and agricultural products to our customers directly from the hand of the grower or producer.
  • At the same time, our evening hours suggest we should also blend in carefully selected food artisans, chefs, and prepared food goods using local products. Please don’t hesitate to recommend pasta-makers, sausage-makers, sauce producers, coffee roasters, ice cream churners, butter producers, or any other food preparers you think might enhance our mix.

Space and Product Accommodations

  • Just a reminder that spaces are never guaranteed. We do our best to accommodate requests for ideal locations, but Market needs trump any individual vendor’s personal preference.
  • We also do our best to limit redundancy of products at the Market, with the clear understanding that most farms that grow produce will harvest similar crops at similar times. Still, we welcome your feedback on matters of duplication and excessive competition.

Directions for New Vendors

  • The site plan at the top of this post shows the layout of the Market at the “Macy’s entrance” to the Voorhees Town Center (formerly known as the Echelon Mall).
  • In this detail below, notice you’ll most likely enter the Mall site by way of Town Center Boulevard (1), curve left between the Macy’s entrance (2) and the Special Activities Plaza (3), then take a left into the Market site (4).

Close Map 01

  • Stepping back a bit from the near view, see the Town Center Boulevard entrance (at the blue arrow) off of Echelon Road.

Far Map 02

  • And finally, the Google Map view shows how to approach Echelon Road from Route 295, Exit 32, via Route 561, and then Somerdale Road. (Google calls your destination “A.”)
  • To see more of the Google directions, use “Voorhees Town Center, Voorhees NJ” as your destination, as I have done in the map field below.

Google Map

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