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Voorhees SAT OCT 05

David Hodges

OCT 05 VoorheesThis will be our last Site Plan for the 2013 season, Voorhees Marketeers. (And just in time; we’re nearly out of vendors.)

Vendor Notes

  • In addition to last week’s departures, we now know Bellview Winery will not be joining us for our final week.
  • There’s a spot for Carol Steinhauser of Blueberry Fields who has not confirmed but is welcome to finish out the season with her soaps and specialty products.
  • Duncan will set up his Hazlett Organic booth at the Right End this week, with plenty of room to pull his vehicle into the space.
  • And Fruitwood Orchards will close out our second season with their terrific range of Jersey Fresh produce for which we’re very grateful.

THANK YOU ALL. It’s been an honor and a pleasure to serve as your Vendor Coordinator this season. We’ve already begun plans to improve and enhance the Market for 2014. Hope to see you all again next year!

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