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Voorhees SAT AUG 31, 2013

David Hodges

AUG 31 Voorhees

Hello, Voorhees Marketeers!

General Notes

We have a good roster of vendors this week, beautiful cool/warm weather, and a Holiday Weekend.

Vendor Notes

  • Monroeville Winery is back to take over the wine space.
  • Duffield and Fruitwood are back with wide varieties after successful weeks. Fruitwood has been selling out of many products, and Duffield’s breads are gaining momentum, especially the multigrain breads they sample.
  • Blueberry Fields is back with handmade soaps and scrubs.
  • Waldor Orchids is back to command the center space Woods Edge will not be filling this week.
  • Market favorite Momma’s Home Made applesauce will add variety to our specialty food area, nestling in with kettle corn and chocolate.

SEPTEMBER SPECIAL EVENT. Lindsey thinks a bluegrass band would be a better choice for the fall (country, autumn?) than New Orleans boogie. Have an opinion? Share it. We’d like our vendors to be happy.

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