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Voorhees SAT AUG 24, 2013

David Hodges

AUG 24 Voorhees

Hello, Voorhees Marketeers!

General Notes

We have a good roster of vendors this week and spectacular weather planned.

Vendor Notes

  • Bellview Winery is back to take over the wine space.
  • Sweet Pea CSA will be off for several weeks but will return September 14.
  • Duffield and Fruitwood are back with wide varieties after successful weeks. Fruitwood has been selling out of many products, and Duffield’s breads are gaining momentum, especially those breads they sample.
  • Jalma’s Beach Plums will be back with their specialty preserves.
  • After selling out of beef and yak earlier this month, Woods Edge Wools is back this week with their wide array of products, including fine alpaca woolens. Is it too early to be thinking of cooler weather and warm garments . . . Christmas gifts?
  • Blueberry Fields was at the Collingswood Craft fair last Saturday, but Carol returns to Voorhees this week with her handmade soaps and scrubs.

The dessert baker is still at least a week away. Lindsey and I agree the most important additions for September/October will be fall flowers/plants and an egg/cheese vendor. I’m working on both.

SEPTEMBER SPECIAL EVENT. How does a September Mardi Gras theme sound? I’ve got a line on a New Orleans jazz piano player/singer who might also bring along a clarinet player. It’s a fun sound.

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