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Voorhees SAT AUG 17

David Hodges

Voorhees AUG 170001

Hello, Voorhees Marketeers!

General Notes

Last week, the highly successful Caribbean Block Party, was certainly a crowd-pleaser (pleasant for vendors too!). This week won’t feature leis and steel drums, but the weather will be exemplary and shoppers should be in a very good mood!

Vendor Notes

  • We have a good full roster this week.
  • Be sure to welcome back Monroeville Winery.
  • Sweet Pea CSA is with us again with herbs and seasonal vegetables.
  • Duffield and Fruitwood are back with wide varieties after very successful weeks.
  • Kemp’s Kettle Corn had their best week of the season last week. We know every week isn’t a home run, but we’re glad they hit it out of that park at the Party.
  • Our rotating roster of guest vendors includes Jalma Farms with their extraordinary Beach Plum products, and the exquisite chocolates of John and Kira’s.
  • If Hank Sauce, Talluto, Catelli Duo, Hazlett Organic, and Blueberry Fields all take their rightful places, we’ll once again be hosting a very diverse display of exemplary products. I hope you’re all as proud as we are of the roster this Market boasts.

Brent Walker of Woods Edge Wools is out in the wilderness this week shopping for more breeding yak to add to the herd at their farm. We’ll see them again soon (and certainly as the weather cools and alpaca yarn items become hard to resist).

I’m vetting a couple of dessert/sweets bakers to bring a little something extra to the table. Expect a new addition to the roster in a week or two.

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