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Collingswood SAT JUN 29

David Hodges

Collingswood JUN 29

Hello, Collingswood Marketeers!

 Welcome back for Week 09 of our 2013 Season.

Contact Phone

Call David Hodges any time Saturday morning
(856) 979-6653

Guest Vendors

We’re about as full as we can be this week. Guest Vendors are: Market Day Canele, Brookeberry Farm, Green Aisle Grocery, Waldor Orchids, and the first-ever appearance of Dee Dee’s Garden Pesto.

Guest Artist/Crafter

Evelyn Taylor Designs will bring her unique ceramic work, including pendants pressed with leaves from the plants in her garden on hand-woven leather chains.

Fundraisers / Awareness / Sponsors

Two animal rescue agencies will be in attendance, as well as Lourdes Wellness Center.

On-Premises Events

Perkins Art Center will be selling Pottery Seconds and Cast Iron.

BID Vendors

Mike DiBartolo, not David Hodges, is your contact for all questions regarding your appearance. Mike DiBartolo, (609) 949-3424.

Flexible Site Plan

Changes will continue to occur throughout the season as vendors come and go and as we learn more about how neighbors interact. I remind you no spaces are ever guaranteed and require your cooperation if I move your location any given week.


  1. Sandi Unger says:

    Hi, David. I don’t see us on E/W site plan. Does that mean you’ll let us know when we get there?

  2. davidbdale says:

    I think you’re hiding in plain sight at Space 29, Sandi. I know it’s unaccustomed this season to have agencies in the Market, but we have 5 Guest Vendors near the Music Tent this week. See it?

    • Sandi Unger says:

      We don’t mind at all and are excited about all the activity this should generate. Wait ’til you see the pup we’re bringing. Guess I’ll see how he does with cats later this afternoon.

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