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Voorhees JUN 08 2013

David Hodges


I delayed posting the site plan this week in the hope of better news from several vendors. Now that all the news is in, the Site Plan is complete.
This messy junk will pass by 3AM. We’ll have a pleasant, dry, party sunny day tomorrow for the Market hours. Bring your best stuff and sell out!
  • Monroeville Winery is back this week for another round of wine sales. Next week, they’ll make way for Bellview Winery so the Market will never be without a wine vendor.
  • Visalli Farm will not return. We regret losing them, but they were not able to make a go of the Market without selling produce. We are currently interviewing nurseries and greenhouses looking for a replacement. If you know a reputable farm you’d like us to invite, please reach out to David.
  • Brand new vendor Hank’s Hot Sauce will be joining us for the first time this week and plans to spend the rest of the season. Please spend a minute making them feel welcome.
  • Woods Edge Wool Farm will return next week, SAT JUN 15, with their unique variety of farm products—beef, yak, alpaca wool, candles, honey . . . .
  • We’re also expecting Momma’s Home Made to bring their signature apple sauce, perhaps as soon as next week.
Remember, no particular space is ever guaranteed. We do our best to accommodate your space and location needs, especially if you make them known to us! We appreciate your flexibility in making the Market a big success for everyone.

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