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Voorhees SAT MAY 25

David Hodges

Voorhees SAT MAY 25
Hello, again!
Revised Site Plan attached for SAT MAY 25.
  •  Hank’s Hot Sauce will not attend tomorrow.
  • Sweet Pea CSA required 20 feet to make room for their truck.
Those two small changes required moving some vendors.
Tomorrow I’ll review your space and vehicle needs with each of you so I can make wiser placement choices whenever possible.
The Thursday night email is reproduced below.
Signature 2
We have not been particularly lucky with weather so far this season, and this Saturday may feature a brief shower too, but overall, we’ll have partly sunny skies and mild temperatures for our third week of the season.
  • You may remember Woods Edge Wool Farm from last season. They’ll be back with us this week with woolen alpaca socks, rugs and other garments, honey from their hives, soaps, and yak—yes yak!—meat in the freezer, among other delectable edibles.
  • Brand New this year: Monroeville Winery will attend the Market every week Bellview does not . . . so we can always tell our customers fine Jersey wine is available for purchase and sampling!
  • Brand New this year: Sweet Pea CSA will bring pastured eggs and (eventually) fresh-slaughtered hens. This week though, they’ll have herbs and potted vegetables.
  • Brand New this year: Hank’s Hot Sauce, a Jersey original from “down the shore.”
  • David Hodges will visit the site very early Saturday morning again to mark the numbers and vendor initials of all spaces directly on the pavement in chalk.
  • He’ll also be onsite to visit with each of you after 9am.
  • As always, plan to arrive early to avoid trouble getting into your space and be kind to those who arrive after you’ve parked. We’ve done our best to stagger the vehicles so “in-market parking” will not be a problem.
  • Of course, it’s possible Market management may need to make ad hoc changes to the best-laid plans.
If we don’t already have your Certificate of Insurance, properly executed with the appropriate certificate holder and “other insured” list, please bring that document to the Market Saturday. Bring your fully executed contract with completed calendar of selected dates if you haven’t yet committed to specific Saturdays. David and Mike will team up to enforce paperwork and payment compliance to be fair to everyone. Email Kathi Hoelscher [] at the Voorhees Town Center office if you need further details.
Remember, no particular space is ever guaranteed.
We appreciate your flexibility in making the Market a big success for everyone.
David Hodges
Vendor Coordinator
Voorhees Town Center Farmers Market
856 854-8385 Home Office
856 979-6653 Cell Phone on Market Day


  1. Lisa Milideo, Asst. Marketing Director, Voorhees Town Center says:

    Note this Saturday – June 1 – Radio Disney – Doc McStuffins Event – Sat, June 1, 10am-12Noon
    Brought to VTC by Partnership w/ Nemours duPont Prediatrics
    In conjunction with their Grand Opening down the street on Echelon Road

    Doctors will hold “check-up” visits of children’s stuffed toys on Plaza.
    An Emergency Vehicle will be on display for tours on plaza.
    Radio Disney DJ will hold games and interact with the crowd
    Radio Disney will have giveaways
    Radio Disney stage/vehicle on center of plaza for display

    This Disney Program is designed to teach children NOT to be afraid of Doctors/medical professionals.

    Flyers promoting this event have been distributed and it has also been promoted on VTC FB/Twitter with 95 shares of the post.

  2. […] tours on plaza. Radio Disney DJ will hold games and interact with the crowd Radio Disney will have giveaways Radio Disney stage/vehicle on center of plaza for […]

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